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Scanning & Hardware

You will need at least one smartphone. After that, it’s up to you. Some users have every worker with a phone, others have one phone per crew.
Yes, you can do so from the managers portal.
Any smartphone will suffice. The app is available on both Android and iOs. For best usage, ensure that your phone is NFC enabled.
One tag per hive that you plan to monitor.
Yes, you can reuse your BeeTrack tags. Simply remove them from the hive and use the app to re-assign them. We also sell tag holders, which are affixed directly to the hive. With tag holders, simply slide out the plastic tag and insert it into a new location.
We understand that many yards are in areas without cell coverage. When you’re working hives in those areas, you can use the app normally, and your data will be updated when you’re back within signal range.
Every beekeeper answers this question differently, but typically we see a ratio of one reader per 4000 hives.
Nectar estimates that the vast majority of tags will last at least 3 years. Our batch scanning reader comes with a 3 year warranty.
Without urgency, beekeepers can usually scan about 35 hives per minute. With urgency, it's closer to 55.
BeeTrack uses GPS coordinates to automatically merge hives in the same location into a yard. For typical activities like feeding or treatment, a single report can easily be assigned to all hives using the app. Beyond that, the number of hives you choose to scan depends on what you want to report.
Nectar’s app can be downloaded straight from the Apple app store or Google's Play store. During the onboarding process, workers will receive an SMS with a link to download the app so they don’t even need to search. But it’s always available if you don't have it on your phone.

Whiteboard & Analytics

Nectar can mass-upload your yard locations, but we can’t carry over much else. However, data collects very quickly as you work the hives. Within a short period, you’ll have a full picture of your outfit.
Like any other input that uses multiple vendors, Nectar can help you compare survivorship across each supplier. All you need to do is input each specific queen breeder, and we’ll make a report comparing the performance of the each supplier.
There are a few ways. For one, you can use the last visit map to see the last time a yard was visited. You can also sort a column in the digital whiteboard. For more information, visit our help center.

About Nectar

Onboarding to Nectar has five main steps: 1. Meeting your customer success representative. 2. Receiving your equipment. 3. Going through an objective-setting session to make sure we are well prepared to support you. 4. A training session, often in-person. 5. An integration session, a few months in, to make sure everything is on track, plus follow up calls to see if you are meeting milestones.
Nectar will never share your raw data. And we don’t sell data, either. We do, however, work with academic institutions to understand the issues facing beekeepers and develop solutions to serve them. When we do, the data is always anonymized.
Nectar makes money by providing our software to beekeepers. That’s it.
No, and we don’t plan to either. Nectar makes money by providing our software to beekeepers. That’s it.
Customer service is a top priority for Nectar. From onboarding onwards, Nectar works with every customer to develop a unique deployment & strategy plan, and ensure that you are receiving measurable, daily value. We view our customers as our partners—our key stakeholders—and we treat you accordingly.

Pricing & Payment

For hardware, Nectar customers can pay by credit card or cheque sent by mail. For monthly subscriptions, we’ll automatically charge the credit card kept on file at the beginning of the subsequent month. If ever you want to stop working with us, we will stop charging you immediately.
We estimate that the vast majority of tags will last about 3 years. But tags are also reusable. If a hive dies, the tag can be reapplied to a different hive.
While Nectar does not have an official trial program, we occasionally ship a few tags to beekeepers and allow them to experiment.
Getting started with Nectar involves an initial, one-time investment in physical equipment. Customers purchase custom tags that are placed on each individual hive. Batch scanning readers are also available for purchase to increase the speed of scanning. After that, Nectar charges customers on a monthly basis to use our software.


Yes! Nectar’s data team is capable of providing custom reports for you. Just let your customer success rep know what you need and we can work on it at no extra charge.
Using Nectar, beekeepers can automatically download their mortality data, formatted to suit the needs of local FSA offices. We have also dealt directly with FSA offices on behalf of some customers, so we’re happy to help you navigate this process.

Life at Nectar

You need a valid work visa in Canada or the US to apply. Unfortunately, as we're still a very small team, Nectar does not sponsor visas at the moment.
For many roles you have the choice to work remotely from Canada or the US, and/or our offices in Montreal, QC. Some roles specify specific location requirements, check the job listing for details.
In Outremont, near the Mile End, Montreal, close to restaurants and coffee shops. You're free to come work at the office or work from home anytime you want!

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