Precision Beekeeping Technology

Precisely made for commercial beekeeping, the Nectar solution combines cutting-edge tools and services for gathering, storing and analyzing key metrics about your apiary’s performance.


Affordable & Scalable Hardware

The Nectar platform is enabled by a single BeeHub in a yard connected to all closeby Beecons. The BeeHub creates its own reliable, wireless, encrypted network and connects to the cloud, even in low connectivity zones.

Save countless hours of labor by remotely following your hives’ statuses and improve your decision making through receiving alerts and recommandations.


The Beecon Sensor Device

The Beecon is a wireless, bee friendly device capable of measuring temperature, humidity, position, and frequencies inside the supers to assess your hive’s activity, strength and behavior


The BeeHub

Nectar’s BeeHub is in charge of transmitting the hives data online, double as your on-site weather station and will track your hives’ and yards locations.